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Prominent Men Chords

			     PROMINENT MEN - Velvet Underground
Tabbed by: Charles Cook

Tuning: standard

D                  A             Bm          G

Through all of the highways, the byways I've travelled

G                  D             Bm          A

Through all of the sidestreets and alleys of sin

D                  A             Bm           G
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Through all that's been heard nothing sinks quite as low

G                  D             Bm        A              

As the prominent statements of prominent men

D         A        Bm        G

Prominent men tell prominent stories

G         D        Bm        A

Prominent men tell prominent lies

D         A            Bm         G

Prominent men kiss the ass of dame fortune

G         D            Bm        D

Prominent men will tear out your eyes