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e[------3-2-]    [------------X-------------X-------------X-------------]
b[----3-----]    [------------X-------------X-------------X-------------]
g[----------] 2x [------------X-------------X-------------X-------------]
D[----------] 2x [-7--7---77--X--5--5---55--X--4--4---44--X--3--3---33--]
A[----------]    [-7--7---77--X--5--5---55--X--4--4---44--X--3--3---33--]
E[----------]    [-5--5---55--X--3--3---33--X--2--2---22--X--1--1---11--]

Sorry about this if it's all wrong. It's my first time to tab.. please go easy on me.. 
if it won't bother you please rate it. far, the intro is all I've figured out
Please e-mail me for any comments or corrections. Thanks
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