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Dead Angels Chords

Dead Angels
Tabbed by GODZWEIG

   G1 G2 G3 G4                             G
e-----------------------------------|  |---3----------|
B-----3--3--x-----------------------|  |---3----------|
G--0--0--0--0-----------------------|  |---0----------|
D--0--0--0--0-----------------------|  |---0----------|
A--2--2--0--0-----------------------|  |---2----------|
E--3--3--0--0-----------------------|  |---3----------|
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G1 G2              G3 G4   
Wine spills in my blood
G1 G2              G3 G4   
And your blood spills in my soul
G1 G2              G3 G4   
You have no control
G1 G2              G3 G4   
You have no control
G1 G2              G3 G4   
Dead angels speak to me sometimes
G1 G2              G3 G4        G
Giving me advice that I should hear
G1 G2              G3 G4 
You are what I'm looking for
G1 G2              G3 G4         G
Because you're close, because you're near 
(After that, the whole song keep going with the same chords)