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Winter Is Blue Chords

first line :  Capo 0 ( + 1\2 ton )
second line : Capo 6
third line :  Capo 4

A         Em7   D         A
D         Am7   G         D
Ab        D#m7  C#        Ab             
Winter is blue, Living is gone

                D                            A
                G                            D
                C#                           Ab
Some are just sleeping, In spring they'll go on

A           Em7   D           A
D           Am7   G           D
Ab          D#m7  C#          Ab            
Our love is dead, Nothing but crying
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              D          Bm           A
              G          Em           D
              C#         A#m          Ab
Love will not find even, One more new morning


C          D          G              Em
F          G          C              Am
B          C#         F#             D#m
Why must I stay here, Rain comes I'm sitting here

C             D       Bm        A
F             G       Em        D
Abm           C#      A#m       Ab
Watching love moving, Away into yesterday

Winter is blue, Everything's leaving
Fires are now burning, And life has no reason            
I am alone, Waiting for nothing
If my heart freezes, I won't feel the breaking