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Broken Car Chords

[G]Grey Is the sky[C] today [G]and so is my [C]heart.
[C]Memories of a [Em]friendship that [D]now seems so [G]far.
[G]Chased dreams of past days. I was really [C]fine.
[C]I've never thought my [Em]best friends could [D]ruin all this [G]time.

[G]I told you about my [Em]jealousy and [G]what makes me feel [C]sad.
[C]Don't you really [Em]understand [D]why I feel so [G]bad.
[G]Are you still the girl who, smiling won the [C]fight
[C]against the run-down [Em]battery [D]of my broken [G]car.
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[Em]That's a song to [Am]say goodbye to a [Em]girl that i still [G]love as [D]a friend.
[Em]I hope she'll[Am] understand [D]what I [G]mean.
[G]Every[D]thing falls [C]down (to[D] the ground). 
[G]Every[D]thing I [C]hate (it[D] happened). 
[G]Now I [D]run a[C]way (it's [D]over).

[G]The CD-player is [C]running. [G]That is our [C]song.
[C]It reminds me of a [Em]time gone where [D]now I don't b[G]elong.
[G]This is my [C]decision. [G]We won't meet a[C]gain. 
[C]That's the only [Em]way in wich [D]we can still be [G]friends.

[G]Please don't say anything. Please don't say a [C]word. 
[C]I Want to run a[Em]way instead of [D]fighting against the [G]world.
[G]I won't take a step back. I won't look back no [C]more.
[C]Just because I'm [Em]scared of how much [D]I felt lost be[G]fore.


[G]Every[D]thing falls [C]down (to [D]the ground). 
[G]I won't [D]meet a[C]gain (the [D]girl)
I [G]want to [D]be my [C]friend. (It's [D]over)