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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Bunkers Lullabye Bass Tab

Song: Bunker's Lullabye (Bass tab)
Artist: Value Pac
Album: Jalepeno
(c) 1997 Spinning Audio Vortex Publishing (BMI)
BEC Recordings
Tabbed by Nathan Wilhite at
************If anyone knows the words to this song, please e-mail
		me. I want them!! ASAP IYCP (If You Could Please)******

* means higher octave
\ means slide down
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Bb D Eb Bb Eb *F *G\
Bb D Eb Bb Eb *G *F\
Bb Ab G Eb (repeat)

End: (instead of) Bb D Eb Bb Eb *G *F\ 
     (play)		Bb D Eb Bb Ab Eb

#Where there's distorted guitar:#

Eb D Bb
Eb D C (repeat 3 times)

Bb Eb 

1st & 2nd verse:
Bb Eb
F Ab

3rd verse:
F Ab

End: Bb Bb