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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:12 -0500 (CDT)
From: Dan Lewis 
Subject: v/valasquez_jaci/

"If This World"                                
By: Jaci Velasquez                              
Album: "Heavenly Place"                        
Written by:  Michelle Tumes, Tyler Hayes, Erik Sundin, Mark Heimermann
(C)1996 BMG Music PTY. LTD./APRA/BMG Songs, Inc. (Gospel Div.)/ASCAP/
   Emack Music (Adm. by Fun Attic Music)/ASCAP/Fun Attic Music/ASCAP

Thanks to Chris Rickman who originally transcribed this. I've changed
the format a little to make it easier to play.

D A Bmin G A (2x)
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[D]Do you feel you've [A]been disowned
Left out[Bmin]side in the cold
And with[G]out a home? [A]
[D]Do you think that [A]no one cares
That you're [Bmin]lost and alone
And with[G]out a prayer? [A]

[Emin7]Don't give in [D]to the lie
That there's no [A]one you can turn to [Bmin]
[Emin7]Don't lose [D]heart, there is hope
There is [A]someone who will never 
Desert you.[G]

[D]If this [A]world is a lonely [Bmin]place for you
[G]Fall into the [A]arms of love.
[D]If this [A]world is a lonely [Bmin]place for you
[G]There's a God who [A]you can trust
Who'll [Bmin]comfort you and [A]lift you up.

D A Bmin G A

[D]Are you looking [A]for a friend
Who will [Bmin]stand by your side
To the [G]very end? [A]
[D]Someone who is [A]always true
To His [Bmin]word, be assured
He won't [G]turn from you. [A]

[Emin7]Put your [D]faith in the One
Who will [A]never let you down[Bmin]
[Emin7]He has proven His love
[A]Open up to all He has for you now[G]


[G]He hears your cry, [A]He sees your tears
[Emin]He knows your pain and [D]all your fears
[G]He waits for you [A]with open arms
[Emin]He longs to live in[D]side your heart
[G]You'll never [A]be alone again


D A Bmin G A