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Blue-eyed Soul Chords

Blue-Eyed Soul - Val Holler

words and music by Chris Knudson
tuning: Standard

VERSE Esus2 (024400) Cmaj7-5 (034500) Esus2  Cmaj7-5

You are sitting under a tree
Looking lovely as can be.
All the color in your hair
Thought I'd lost you in Times Square.

I am beside myself next to you.
Your eyes so bright: gold, silver and blue.
The hawks are circling 'round in their flight.
We'll spin our tales on into the night.

CHORUS Am69 (504500) Cmaj6 (8079x0) Am69  Cmaj6

Have you waited long for me?

Am (x02210) Cmaj13 (x05557) Dm7-5 (x06768) Esus2

Seems I've come on bended knee.
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How I long to see your face
I swim the channel of my disgrace.
The child is father of the man.
I've tried to love you best that I can.


BRIDGE Cmaj9 (335433) Ebmaj9 (668766) Bbmaj9 (113211) Fmaj9 (88-10-988)
Cmaj9 Ebmaj9 Bbmaj9 Cmaj9 Amaj9

The roots are so very new to me
Now I've found a real reason to be.
My travels seem but a circular game
Looked high and low to find my twin flame.


BRIDGE 2 Cmaj9 Ebmaj9 Bbmaj9 Fmaj9 
Dbmaj9 Emaj9 Bmaj9 Dbmaj9 Amaj9

OUTRO E (079990) Emaj9 E11 (077777) A (077650) Am11 (055555)
Gmaj6 (055430) E...