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U Make Me Wanna Tab

 Artist :Usher
 Song :U Make Me Wanna
 Tabbed by :Trevor James Hawes 
 Date: 2/24/2002

 This tab is, I think, a lot more accurate than how others have
 tabbed this song. The last part of the main riff requires the use of 
 bass strings in some parts of the song, and sometimes without, so use
 your best judgement. I have not worked out the bridge yet.  
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 Main Riff                                                                      
 E |--------------------------------|
 B |-4--------4---------------------|
 G |-----------------5--5-----4-4---|
 D |------5h6-----------------------|
 A |-3------------------------------|
 E |------4--------4-4--4-----3-3---|

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