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| Useless ID- End |

"I'd love you forever..."

Tuning: EADGBe


E:     022100
Em:    022000
E7:    020100
Em7:   020033
G:     320033 
Gmaj7: 200033
Am:    x02210
B7:    x21202
C:     x32010
Cm:    x35543
D:     xx0232


G          Gmaj7       Em7          E7
Nothing to hold  on to when you're alone, 
          Am       D
then you find each other.
    G             Gmaj7     Em
She heard you're leaving in august.
C                  D                       Em
  You promised to write, she's waiting at home.

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E                Am
  An unanswered call
               D              G Gmaj7      Em 
I want you to know that I'm alright   and missing you.
C                  Cm        G            D
Too bad I'm stuck here with words from a note 
          Em        E              Am    D
that you sent long ago: "I'd love you forever"
    G       Gmaj7       Em
But I'll be back  in november.
C                  D                 Em
  I know that by then it will be the end.


Em - D - C - D
Em - D - C - C - B7

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