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Diary Chords

Diary - Useless ID

(No vacation from the world)

Tabbed by Scorf

I think this version is more accurate than the other, but I may
be wrong... Sorry for chords *1* & *2*, duno their name but they
sound (pretty) good... Let your comment here !!!
Anyway, hope you'll enjoy

Chords :

   Dsus2 Asus4 F#sus4 *1* *2*   

Guess the other ones are well known ;-)


Dsus2 D Dsus2 Asus4 Bm F#sus4 *1* *2*

D                    Dsus2           Bm     F#sus4
It's a weekday and I cleaned my room again,
G                    A              Bm      A
of endless moments I thought we once shared.
D              Dsus2            Bm   F#sus4
An open book, read every single page.
G                           A             Bm  A
Naive enough to think that help is on the way-ay
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         G            A
Rise and shine a day awaits,
          D           A       Bm
watching clear skies turn to grey.
        G                A 
It's a dead end road and I want out,
 Bm            F#m
there's no return.
        G                 A
Let me know when will it end?
        F#       Bm   
If only you were my only friend
IŽd be fine.

Intro x2

D           Dsus2                Bm     F#sus4
A direction split right from the start.
     G             A                     Bm    A
I'm picking up the pieces to this broken heart.
     D        Dsus2                 Bm     F#sus4
Move over and make room for someone else.
         G                A                  Bm   A
Mabye a smile will find itself right on your face again.            

        G              A   
Another empty sleeping bag.
         D       A         Bm
A broken speaker plays out loud.
          G              A                
An Elliot Smith song for those
      Bm          F#m
who can't move on and on.

           G               A   
A tour to write you home about
            F#           Bm
of how I'm doing. Pretty sad.
 A          D  Dsus2  Asus4
You're not here
    Bm                             A   G
and all my letters are lost in the mailbox
A   D   Dsus2 Asus4
for good.

    Bm               A   G   A     Dsus2    
Yeah are lost in the mailbox for...