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Circle Of Hands Chords


C    Bb    Am    G

C    Bb  F  C

C                        Bb               
Circle of hands, cold spirits plan

F                                         C
Searching my land for an enemy

C                    Bb
Came across love's sweet cost

F                                             C
And in the face of beauty, evil was lost
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Sky full of eyes, minds full of lies
Black from their cold hearts, down to their graves
Murdered the dawn, spreading their scorn
Cursing the sun of which love was born

                F                     C           F                            C       
We must keep them away, or pretty soon we'll pay

         F                             C
And count the cost in sorrow

F          C         F                       C      
Sacrifice, the future has its price

        F                                           C
And today is only yesterday's tomorrow