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A New Tattoo Chords

Tabbed by : Renz

For suggestions, comments, or you just want to give me an expensive guitar, preferrably
the Gibson Digital Les Paul please dont hesitate to email me renz_sui@yahoo.com 


F#            C#m
Great moments they pass by
Bbm           B
If you're careless
F#            C#m
Desperately trying to speak the words
Bbm           B
I've been wanting to say for a long time.
G#m                 B
Tongue tied, every time I try to talk to you
G#m                 B
In time, I'll find the right line.
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F#            C#m
Caught a glimpse of you
Bbm             B
I tremble every time you walk by
F#            C#m
Hopelessly trying to find a way
Bbm             B
To be near you, to get near you.
G#m                 B
In my mind, plays thoughts of you all the time
G#m                 B
I'll find the right line...

F#            C#m
I'll bleed for you
Bbm             B
Like a new tattoo 
F#    C#m
In my heart
Bbm         B
You'll stay permanent...

G#m   B           F#
Am I too late now?
G#m                B           F#
Will I find a way to get to you somehow?
G#m                    C#m
She's breaking me down again
She's breaking me down.
She's breaking me down again

If you want an easier version (Less Barre Chords). Bring your guitar 1 tune down (If you
want the album version tune, otherwise standard would do fine) then play every chord here
one tune up. Verse would go G Dm Bm C and prechorus would go Am C. Mas madali diba?