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Selfsufficient Snake Tab

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Subject: u/urban_dance_squad/selfsufficient_snake.tab
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:28:16 +0100
From: M.Koelle@uibk.ac.at

This is Urban Dance Squad's Selfsufficient Snake
from the Album Persona non Grata
Tabbed by Martin Koellensperger

Intro Riff

e -------------------------
h -------------------------
g 9-8-x--x-x-9-9-8-8--x-x--
D -------------------------
A -------------------------
E -------------------------


D 2-----------2----------2-----------2----------------------/
A 2-----------2----------2-----------2----------------------/  slide  
E 0-----------0----------0-----------0----------------------/  up

Main Riff

e --------------------------------
g --------------------------------
h --------------------------------
A ------------4-------------------
E 0-0-3---0-0-----0-0-3---5--5^^--


You come in handy, so handy
you come in handy, even when I frown
you come in handy, so handy
you wait, I'm coming down
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Deprivation, innercity frustrations 
look at their hands as they seek for donation
european to asian, mixed with caucasian 
negroes with egos ain't takin' humiliation
I got a fistful, wish I had this till the end of the world
knocks on doors, collect big bills
know that the road is steep, no way you gonna sleep
creepin' 'n crawlin', fallin' on the big antheap
I pay the taxman, make life more complex man
go suffice some needs
where it bleeds it lacks man
some human interest I guess,
where's that manifest that the profit,
the unfit, but the lie never rest
servants plus clergymen, politician, 
businessman gonna make money honey
with oxygen in spray cans
I stand in open field, words will never shield
the feel that some big men get it all 'n never yield up
and they never yield up

Eyes from right to left, watch out for backstab,
these souls have roles to blind you from all facts
you wanna sidestep, bypass
or neglect authority is the one with big gut in big chest
see how they start to grin 'n laughter becomes a sin,
big men so little but that's how they always win
attack will be just a pinch, use that common sense
block a machine, use elements within to bend
let me all put this straight, I'm here to infiltrate
play like furniture, I wait
blendin' with all the others, where talk turns to fodder
clockin' for those, the ones who hold the rudder
but life's a mistress, never know what lasts
sour grapes are sweet, when it's easy to let them pass
lickin' some heels above,
no matter how hard tough
let the man gloat pride you swallow up
pride you swallow up