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Subject: u/urban_dance_squad/downer.crd
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 15:59:05 +0100
From: Martin Koellensperger 

This is Urban Dance Squad's "Downer" from the Album Persona non grata
Tabbed by Martin Koellensperger
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/u/urban_dance_squad/downer_crd.html ]

Main Riff
e -----------------
h -----------------
g -----------------
D 4--54--54-54-54--
A 4--54--54-54-54--
E 2--32--32-32-32--

e -----------------
h -----------------
g -----------------
D 2--45---4-54-54--
A 2--45---4-54-54--
E 0--23---2-32-32--


Can you hold my hand now ?
if you're ready and able

Can you pass the quicksalt ?
I feel like faintin'

I got it so bad
you don't know when you got it good

And if I might fall
put some coins on my eyeballs,
coins on my eyeballs
to pay the ferryman's toll

Fallin' from the sky, but I've never seen the sun
fallin' from the sky he has seen the sun

Tell icarus he's not the only one
tell icarus he's the not only one