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General Of The Dark Army Chords

So, this is my work on the song. It was very complicated with my limited knowledge of 
different chords to figure out how it could work. And I think this is the best I can get. 
So if you can do better, please do! :)
It's mainly the part that is sung, not growled, because it's easier to stick to some 
melody than... yeah, growls :D

Am                 F                  C    E      Am
Beware the General, his army comes to call on the dawn
Am                    F                 C      G
Behold the conqueror, the universe will suffer darkness

Am                   C      G                    Am
Face your death with pride, he will watch it and smile
    E          Am
And feel good inside

[growled]Senseless, running is, he'll rip you apart

Am                     C      G                    Am
With eyes as bright as stars, he will slaughter you all
    Em     Am
Without remorse

[growled]He'll swim in the flood, sustenance is blood
         There's no end to the night, forfeit your life
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Am    C        E
Hunger for the dark
Am               C      G                  Am
Striking for the heart, blackened from the start
C         G                Am
His evil crawls into your mind
        C                 G                F
Sending shivers down your spine, he is the night

[growled]Insane, his primal instinct compels him to destroy

He bleeds the ominous, the power he displays is infernal
As fallow death he comes, the mountainside will shake with his might

Crush your soul to ash, no escaping his wrath,
he's built to last
[growled]Clasping at your soul, he'll swallow you whole
Pain will make him soar, he's impenetrable,
in time of war
[growled]Terror blinding your sight, paralysed by the fight
         He's master of all, the Dark General


[only strum the chords once on this part]
Am   C  E            Am  C     E
Stone the innocents, Know they deserve it
Am C   E            Am   C  E
Rejoice in carnage, Know they deserve it

[growled]Mark my words, redemption will never come