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Holy Is Your Name Chords

Unhindered/Holy is Your Name/City Streets
©2005 Barrett/Smith/Wilbanks
Key: A (Capo 2nd Fret to play in G)

Intro: A/ A/C# /D2 (2x)

  A                             F#m
To the King who made the skies/ Universe opened every eye
  D                             Dm
Cause all me to be redeemed/ All the earth and even me
  A                            F#m
Every heart be opened wide/ May our God be glorified
  D                            Dm
Let His praises resound/ King of Glory Love come down

  D                         D
Let all the Earth rejoice/ and lift a shouting voice

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  A                   F#m
You are my Creator/ Iím gonna sing to You forever
And let the world proclaim/ Holy is Your Name (2x)

Tag: A-E-A-E-D-C#/A-E-A-E-D-C# (Over D)

 F#m               D                  A               E
Your in my mind/ Your in my heart/ Your always near/ Your never Far
 F#m               D                  A               E
You bring me joy/ You give me peace/ You love the world/ and even me

*Repeat Chorus

Tag: A-E-A-E-D-C#/A-E-A-E-D-C# (2x) (Over D)

Outro: A/ A/C# /D (4x)

god bless you all