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Teenage Kicks Tab

Artist:  Undertones
Song:  Teenage Kicks

  D   Db  Bm  A   G   G#

intro    D    Db   Bm  Db   (x2)

Verse 1
D                                Db
a teenage dream's so hard to beat
Bm                                 Db
every time she walks down the street
D                               Db
another girl in the neighborhood
Bm                                 A
wish she was mine, she looks so good
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G                                 G#
i wanna hold, wanna hold her tight
A                                          D
and get teenage kicks all through the night

Verse 2
i'm gonna call her on the telephone
have her over 'cos i'm all alone
i need excitement, though i need it bad
and it's the best i've ever had


solo   D    Db    Bm   Db     (x2) 

repeat verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus

  D                        Db  Bm                (Db-1st time, A-2nd) 


Outro   D    G    A    D