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Baby Chords

One of UB40`s Labour Of Love 2 U.K singles'Baby'Guitar Chords & Lyrics.

    xx8766     xx8886     xx6544       xx5343

(Follow lines numbered 1 first Verse/Bridge then 2 second Verse/Bridge,
play Middle then 2 again then Outro.It`s the same pattern!)..

Intro: Bb

Bb         Eb            Ab              Eb/G
1,Baby, be true and i`ll give my love to you,
2,When your down         i`ll   be    around to
            Bb     Eb     Bb              Eb
1,I mean it baby.
2,guide you baby.
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Bb           Eb             Ab               Eb/G   
1, Treat you right and i`ll love you day and night,
2,when you`re free,  Just   call   on       me
            Bb     Eb     Bb       Eb
1,I mean it baby.                          
2,          baby.                        I`ll   

 Bb               Eb      Bb       Eb
1,give my world to you now babe,           
2,give my heart to you now babe,         I`ll
    Bb                 Eb     Bb    Eb           Bb   Eb    Bb    Eb
1&2,do what you ask me to now babe.    I mean it baby

Bb   Eb   Ab   Eb/G   Bb   Eb   Bb   Eb

Bb   Eb   Ab   Eb/G   Bb   Eb   Bb   Eb(Repeat lines 2 then play below)

Bb                  Eb            Bb               Eb
treat you,treat you right,i wanna love you day and night,i wanna
give  my  heart   away,i want to love you night and day