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Make It Real Chords

Song: Make It Real
Artist: U Turn

comments: vhin_d30@yahoo.com

Hey guys!!! Hope you also like dis song… it is one of my favorite! I  really like the
song because nakakarelate tlga aq..iba kc kapag broken hearted ka…hehe….

Intro: A-AM9-D-A (2x)

A                 AM9
Tonight it’s been a year
	    D                 A
We met each other here,
       A	AM9
Hear I am all alone
          D              A-G#m
As thought of you go on
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	           F#m     D  
	Hear me cryin’ out to you
         Bm       C#m  D
	You said, “never, never
	Would I leave”
		     F#m            D
	Here’s a tear from me to you
	   Bm C#m  D 		  E
	And maybe it will make you hear me

A   D   E
	I love you
 A	D	E
	You didn’t feel the same 
        A        D	E            F#m
	Though we’re apart, You’re in my heart
	F#m  D
	Give me one more chance to 
       E       (adlib)
	Make it real

A                 AM9
	In a dream, you are here
           D	A
	You smile and hold are here
      A           AM9
	And in my heart ill pretend
     D             A-G#m
	That you are here again

(Repeat refrain)
(Repeat chorus)

AD LIB: F#m-B (2x)
	   D-E (2X)

(Repeat chorus)

….. that’s all kayo n po bahala sa strumming…