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October Chords

(HIDDEN TRACK)from the best of u2 1980-1990
enjoy because it took me 5 weeks !!

Am G G9sus4 Am G Dm7(6) G  F/G  G G F/G G G F/G G G F/G Fadd9(#11) Fadd9(#11) Cadd9 C Cadd9 C 
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F6add9    Fmaj9     Am   
                October and the trees are stripped bare of 
G                     G9sus4     Am
All they wear, what do I care? October, and kingdoms rise, and
G                   Dm7       G   F/G  G        
  kingdoms fall, but you go on and on.

      F/G Am7(sus4)Dm7(sus4)G