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Kite by U2, from U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind  
posted by J. Todd, tidybowl14@aol.com  
Intro fill  
if this sounds too high try the other  
e ---------------------------+------------------  
b ---------------------------+------------------  
g 15(bend) 13~~--------------+-9 (bend)---------  
d ---------------------------+----------9~~-----  
a ---------------------------+------------------  
e ---------------------------+------------------  
E   A E   A   E  
Something is about to give, I can feel it coming  
A E  
I think I know what it is.  
A   E A   E  
I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to live  
A   E     A E  
When I'm flat on my back, I want to feel like I did.  
A C#m  
Cause hardness, it sets in, you need some protection  
The thinner the skin.  
E A C#m A  
I want you to know, that you don't need me anymore  
E A C#m A  
I want you to know, that you don't need anyone, or anything at all.  
Who's to say where the wind will take you  
Who's to say what it is will break you  
Well, I don't know, which way the wind will blow.  
Who's to know when the time is come around  
B A  
Don't want to see your cry, I know that this is not goodbye.  
E-A-E-A, etc.  
In the summer I can taste the salt on the sea  
There's a kite blowing out of control on the breeze  
I wonder what's gonna happen to you  
You wonder what has happened to me.  
e ------------------------------------------------  
b 12h14-14~-17^-16-12----12h14-14~--17^-16-12-----  
g -------------------13----------------------13---  
d ------------------------------------------------  
a ------------------------------------------------  
e ------------------------------------------------  
E B   A E B     A  
I'm a man, not a child. I'm a man, who see's the shadow behind your eyes  
CHORUS TAB (something like this, anyway)  
for E chord for B chord for A chord  
e 7-7-7-7-(etc)---7-7-7-7-(etc)---5-5-5-5 (etc)  
b 9-9-7-9---------7-7-7-7---------5-5-5-5  
g 9-9-9-9---------8-8-7-8---------6-6-5-6  
d ---------------------------------------  
a ---------------------------------------  
e ---------------------------------------  
^- bend note  
~- vibrate note  
By all means, correct me if I am off anywhere.
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