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Everlasting Love Chords

Everlasting Love - U2

intro   Eb Bb Ab Fm Bb  2x
        Eb  2x

Ab              Db                   Ab
Hearts gone astray keeping up when they go
I went away just when you needed me so
You won't regret I'll come back begging you
Ab            Db                 F          Bb
Don't you forget welcome love we once knew, yeah

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Eb              Bb                  Ab
   Open up your eyes then you'll realize
                Fm     Bb      Eb
Here I said was my everlasting love
Need you by my side, come and be my bride
You'll never be denied, everlasting love
From the very start open up your heart
Feel the love you've got, everlasting love

Eb             Bb
This love will last forever
B              Eb
This love will last forever