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Seabreeze Chords

Capo 5

G            G/B
Did I really meet her

    G        C
Was it just a sweet dream

Am            G/B
Lingers in the morning

     C       D
Like a melody

G         G/B     G            C
Over and over all through the day

Am           G/B              C                  D
I can't stop thinking about I'm feeling this way


G              C            G/B         C
She moves like sea breeze, swirling around me

Am             G/B        C            D
The fragrance she brings hangs in the air

G            C              G/B       C
Soft like a whisper, she's calling me to her
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Am              G/B             D       G
These eyes have seen the most beautiful dream

G         G/B     G            C
We found each other, staring at the waves

Em       G     C                D
Started talkin' couldn't break away
G         G/B     G            C
And made plans to meet tonight down by the pier, 
Am            G/B                     C             D
when midnight strikes I'm going to hold that dream near


Em         C
To my surprise, oh

G                          D
She took my heart with one look in her eye

Em           C               D
To a place that feels like home

(Chorus 2x)