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Forget Chords


Intro: C-Am-F-Fm

C            Am                     F              Fm
  I remember how can I forget unpredictable but no regrets
C                 Am            F                  Fm
Drowning in these waters you're hangings out there somewhere

Refrain 1:
  Em         F       G       C-C/B Em      F       G   C-C/B
I guess it's time to say goodbye,   please no more lies
     Em   F     G      C-C/B Em   F       G   C-C/B
I've had enough wasted time,  but I don't have

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C                         Am                    F              Fm
  I were because you were never ending same but somehow I feel ok
C                 Am                  F             Fm
  Help me remember to forget I wanted to forget but you're

Refrain 2:
Em    F       G       C    C/B  Em   F    G       C-C/B
Beautiful and I can't stop my---self from feeling numb
Em-F       G   C    C/B Em-F-G
   I'm here waiting for you

Chorus 2:
            C    Am         F    Fm         C    Am         F    Fm C(Hold)
To break my heart, break my heart, break my heart, break my heart again.