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Assertion Chords

ong:       Assertion
Artist:    Typecast
Album:     The Infatuation Is Always There 
Tabbed by: Paul Anthonie Antoc
E-mail: paul_antoc@yahoo.com
Address: Mariveles,Bataan,Philippines
contact #: 09184423602

Elow po sa mga friends ko sila Calvin,Jon,Otep,Emak,Aerol,Tuts.. at iba 
pa.. sa mga clasm8s ko sa MNHS(annex) IV-A.. mabuhay kayong lahat.. hehe
Binabati ko rin si Maria Lourdes Vejar, HEHE.. wala lang.. HEHEHE!!

Standard Tuning

Intro: F-Am (4x)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/typecast/assertion_crd.html ]
Verse: F-Am
Unexplained sight
Whenever you're around
This unfulfilled adjacent
Of moment comes around
Impulsive scene shivers
Over and over again


I wonder if i
Dm               Am
Could completely present
Myself to you
C         Dm               Am
I dont have any brilliant words

To say anyway!!

Interlude: F-Am (4x)

Verse: F-Am
And affirmition denies
Everything i need to say
Take back everything
Like nothing's left for me
Why cant you feel
The way i'm feeling now?

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: F-Am
Could you even pretend
That you want me?

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