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The entire song is just 4 chords repeated over and over again...

Intro:  F#m E A D (x2)

Chorus: (x2 every time)
        F#m  E    A  D
Bring me home tonight
        F#m      E
can we leave for awhile
         A         D
you said come here child

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(Verse 1)
F#m E A D (rinse and repeat)
This morning i woke and i wrote please god grant me the serenity/
to know whats gotten into me/
for me to look to the sky whenever i need that help/
for me to look towards god before i look towards myself/
you pulled me out of hell and uplift/
that put me on my way, on my pursuit of happiness/
underneath this exterior dorments something demonic/
solitary confinement dormints something psychotic/
got my back against the wall, up against the bricks/
on the edge of the surface which is digging into my skin/
knowing that this aint for me, its for them/
their drowning hopefully that one day their able to swin/
what this song needed was a voice which i gave/
like a rock struck by tidal waves/
how much more can i take of this before i break/
will this overcast fade or be the last i see the sun today.


(Verse 2)
Fixated on becoming this prodigy/
blinded not by the sun but blinded by this oddessy/
cause what i got to be is prophecy redirect my approach/
and to make sure in this game i go harder than most/
once the beast is provoked and with all that i am/ 
simply articulate, a prison of passion/
just a artist, a slave to the pen/
it only takes the slightest spark for the artist to be awaken/
when i'm awake i'm thinkin wield words from the cranium/
When i've got god impacts become spontaneous/
never asked for this, god must have something instore/
strike the lighter let my fire rekindle/
songs in my head waiting to form stanzas/
this may be the death of me but i'll take my chances/
as the novice advices, lyrically inhances/
plunge this battlefield with spears, swords, and lances.