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Picture Perfect Chords

			   Picture Perfect - Tyler Hilton
Tabbed by: Alex Light
Email: alex_light@hotmail.com

Tuning: 2 steps down.

I couldnt find this song anywhere and it was really annoying me that I didnt know how to
it so here you go! Its worth going through the effort of tuning your guitar down,
great. Sometime he picks the bass note of the chord where in the chorus he usually 
Shouts to AlexKay;).

Intro: Em C  G D/F#m
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tyler_hilton/picture_perfect_crd.html ]
   Em          C        G
When Darkness finds I listen,
      D/F#m        Em      C      G        D/F#m
to every little thing she has to say
Em            C          G
And when I'm all but found its
  D/F#m             C
Darkness that'll lead my way
                    D/F#m       G
And all she ever asks me to do is


  C    G                D
stay awake to see a picture perfect
  G                  C
moon she'll give me
            G        D/F#m           G
She ties a ribbon to and with the stars
      C        G         Em
she lets me know shes playin