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No capo needed. If you need any help with rhythm ext, go here : 

G                D
Everybody knows, 
G                                 D
or has a story bout the first one
G                      C     D    Am7
Who taught them how to hurt, 
                      G    D   G
and led their hopes astray
                       Em7                             D
When its gone on quite enough and your sick of staying down
I know what you need, but you gotta live it like it sounds
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                       G             D         
When you lose what you love, live on live on
                       G                D             
When the road gets too rough, be strong, be strong
               Em7                                D     
What you canít understand, but youíre starting to see
itíll work in the end, you just got to believe
           D G       D   C    
And keep on, keep on
        D G
Keep on   keep on

G                D
I had my ideals, 
G                       D
my plans so cut and dry
                        C     D    Am7
I wouldn't settle for a thing
                       G            D   C
And you can forget all compromise

                         Em7                       D
But I was tackled like a wave, stormed on like the ground
What once would never change, was slowly turning 'round


                     Em7                         C
You can take it from me, there's so much you can be
                   C                                   G                               
And it's all gonna change, whether it's you or them or me