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June Chords

G     - 3300x3
B7*   - 002020  - I am not sure if this is the right chord or not
C     - 33003x
Asus4 - 33020x 
D     - 3320xx   
Em    - 33022x
D#    - 66006x  - this is a C slid up to the 6th fret!
G/B   - 330x2x
Am7   - 0102xx
C/G   - 010033
C/G*  - 010233
F     - 010330
A/D   - 030455  - this is a C/G slid up!

in the verses, i am not sure if its an Asus4 or a D. I think its an Asus4!

G    B7*            C          Asus4
June what you gonna do without me?
G           B7*           C           Asus4    
Soon you're gonna have to move around me
G                  B7*            C            Asus4           
Its never what you wanted but its been awhile a-coming
G       B7*            C   Asus4      
Oh June what'cha gonna do?
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Throw your stones
If you need to take it out on me
          C                                       D#
Don't you know that's the way its always gonna be
There's no room
In your indie little fantasy
That won't come true
    G/B       C      
But that's so you

G      B7*               C       Asus4   
June I love the hats you wear to meet me
G           B7*           C      Asus4         
Soon you're gonna have to choose between me
    G              B7*             C               Asus4       
And everything you wanted girl you knew you had it coming
   G            B7*         C   Asus4   G      
Oh June what're we gonna do

D      Am7             C/G        G      D  
   She screams and she cries that nobody cares
      Am7        C/G        G        D       
She's never alone she needs everyone there
          Am7       C        G             D        
But she's not gonna get that reaction from me
            F   C/G*  
Cause I let go
         A/D        G    
But it's so hard to go