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Chasing After You Chords

Chords are real easy, the picking however is a bit difficult. I am not going to 
post up the picking because it can be found somewhere on the internet but what I 
oculd not find was just regular chords for the song so this is what I came up 
with. Hope it helps. God bless =)


Verse 1: Cmaj7  Bm7  G  C9
Each and every day, I will seek Your face 
My soul is crying out 
for more, I want more of You 
I won't be satisfied(Satisfied) Nor content 
With where I am 
So I will apprehend 'till I'm captured 
By what I'm after 
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Pre-Chorus: C9  G9  C#m7  Dsus D
And I will go from faith to faith 
From glory to glory (2x) 

Chorus: C9  G  Dsus  D
And I'll forever be chasing after You 
I'll be chasing after You (2x) 

Verse 2: Cmaj7  Bm7  G  C9
I will press towards the mark 
for the prize and I won't faint 
there's one thing I desire 
and that's what I'm going for 
I can't continue life day by day 
growing dry 
I need to be with You (Jesus) 
I'll seek where You are 

Pre-Chorus (x4)
Chorus (x14) 
Pre-Chorus (x3)