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I Cant Feel It Chords

This one was a little tricky to figure out, but I think this is damn close. Lyrics were 
transcribed by ear, so they're probably off.

Eb                        B
Give me back my smoking arm

Eb                         B
I'm takin' back my breathing gun

Oh, coppers ain't the nicest thing

Bb                                  Eb
Robber's ain't the movie screen

Eb                  B
I found a cigarette in my spleen

Eb                         B
Found a tape next to the machine
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Oh, summer thing is fleeting

Bb                                Eb
Haven't been down for years

"Cause I can't feel it too

Not here, not like you

I can't feel it there

B                       Bb     C
I've been feelin' it for you

       F        C
Oh, I can't feel it

F                  C
I can't feel it too

Em  Bb
For you

Bb  Ab
For you


I suppose a capo could make this easier, but I think it sounds more correct to use barre chords.