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"No More" (Bland/Bray/Brooks)-TWO WORDS

Intro:  G  D  C  E  Am

G----2---------0------------0-----------1-------2-------------  (X 2)

G          D              C        E       Am  
If I could find a way, to tell you how I feel,
G       D              C        E         Am
I would straight away, my heart you would kill.
G               D                C          E       Am
That is why I'm holding back, to prevent me so much pain,
G          D                   C         E     Am
It is your love I lack, and it drives me so insane...
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A              E          D             A
You just don't want me, I cannot live a lie,
A              E           D                 A
You just don't need me, my heart is thumping dry,
A              E        D           A
You just don't love me, so I'll say goodbye.
A(mute)        E(mute)  D(mute)     A(riff 1)

(riff 1)

(Verse 2-Same Chords)
Do you know how it feels to have your heart destroyed,
I have taken a load of pills to fill the empty void,
This was a love song but I do not feel that way,
They think that you are wrong but I know it's over today.

(Rpt. Chorus)

But I must move on, now I know it too,
My life is a sad sad song, all because of you,
I have a cold heart now, because all love is dead,
Do you realise this now, I've got it in my head.

(Rpt. Chorus)

But my love for you is the kind that's here to stay,
I don't know what to do, I think of you every day,
I know it's not meant to be, you are for someone new,
There's one thing you've got to see, and that is I love you.

(Rpt Chorus X2, finish on riff 1)