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Desperado Love Chords

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                                 Desperado Love

As Recorded By Conway Twitty 
Album:  Fallin' For You For Years
Writers:  Michael Garvin & Sammy Johns

Should I just ride in and steal you away
I don't know what else to do,
         D                            G       
'Cause I've got a desperado love for you.
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They say you belong to another man
The first time we met I knew
      D                             G
That I'd have a desperado love for you

C                       D
I know that it breaks every law
To feel the way I'm feeling,
    C                       D
But I want your love so desperately
    F                        D
I don't see the wrong is stealing.

So hold on I'm gonna shoot for the heart 
like desperados do
D           G/A   D             G   
I've got a desperado love for you

Instrumental solo (using the verse chords)

(use bridge chords)
It's so wrong to take what isn't mine 
And head out for the border,
But I can't look at you and have 
Respect for law and order.

Repeat Chorus:

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