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Island Life Chords

Mochicheng Island


(reggae style)
D	   A#       C	     D-A#-C
I've got chiquita bananas in my boat
D        A#       C	            D-A#-C
as i arrive Mochicheng  at midnight
           D	   A#           C	        D-A#-C
All the monkey's are greeting me welcome

as i settle down
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          Bb            C            D
And a monkey is shouting MOJO

F         F/E	           A-A#
MOJO MOJO That's how it goes
F        F/E               A#-A  D-A#
MOJO MOJO In this island life

(punk style)
Chiquita is lying on the beach
spreading her legs
And from my boat I take my bottle of wine
.....Life's okay!

And a monkey is shouting PUYA

PUYA - PUYA That's how it goes
PUYA - PUYA In this island life

'round the palms i feel all right
'round the palms i feel okay!
oh..this island life