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Texas When I Die Tab

~Texas - When I Die~ 
Tanya Tucker

When I die, I may not go to heaven
I don’t know if they let cowboys in
If they don’t, just let me go to Texas
Texas is as close as I’ve been

New York couldn’t hold my attention
Detroit City couldn’t sing the song
If tomorrow finds me busted flat in Dallas
Well I won’t care cause at least I’ll know I’m home
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I’d ride through all of hell and half of Texas
Just to hear Willie Nelson sing a country song
Here this day it’s cold in old Milwaukee
My bodies here but my soul’s in San Antone



This is probably one of the all time greatest Country Tonk tunes around ... one of Tanyas’ best ...

Aside from that ... depending on the crowd reaction you can stretch this out by letting everyone take a ride and repeat verses ... 

This can become an “Anthem” at the right gig  ...

This is Dr.Ducks version ... enjoy ... and keep on rockin’ ... 
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