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Heaven Down Here Chords

Title: Heaven Down Here
Artist: Tuck & Patti
Album: Learning How To Fly

[Verse 1:]
Em11          A11             G   Bm      A
 What are you waiting for, believe      in me
Em11      A11                G    Bm      A
 Isn't it love in this life that       you need
F                    Am                  Bm  Em7
 You can offer your soul to an altar of sacrifice
     D/F# G    A7      D
But give your heart to me
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D       Em     G    A     D
Let's bring Heaven down here
        Em    G     A  Bm
Let's bring Heaven on down
  A              G           D/F#
I don't want to wait for the angels
Em            A11        D
Let's bring Heaven down here

[Verse 2:]
What's in the sky that you and I can't find
Simply in love what could be more divine
How can I make you believe forever and ever more
I'll give my heart to you


Gm7             Bb
 Can I lay you down
                   F             Am    G/B  C    Dm7
Don't you know salvation is the warmth of my embrace
Gm7                 Bb
 Let me touch your lips
Kiss the moonlight on your face
    G   A   Em
I need you now
I need you now

[Verse 1]