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Love Warriors
Tuck & Patti (1989)

Oh Oh We give up  oh no so easy, yeh
Any little thing seems to turn us away, yeh
Oh Oh Some say Love is not the answer
But for those of us who love, yes
Itís time Iíll tell everybody, say now:

I wonít give up, my path is clear			)
						)	Bis
I take your hand, walk to the promised land 	)

Oh Oh Iím walking in Love, yeh
Now Loveís all around me, say

Oh the choice seems gaining smaller, yeh yes
It seems ďa-bone-isĒ lines out, oh see
Enjoy oh oh
I think itís time we became Love warriors, say 
I know that if we can get together we can win this race, now
Oh Come on and be strong, yes

Ö						)
						)	Bis
Ö						)

Yes Iím walking in Love oh yeh
We keep on walking, say now
A love, Take a hand, take-a, now on
Walking in Love, oh yes, oh yes
Oh oh

Think around the precious baby
Think about the children, ouh
Gonna be on your own, yes
To see them through
Oh yes if you, oh if you teach them, say that
Love is the only true answer
Teach your children around, around
When the children look at them
They know exactly what to do, yeh
They will talk about Love, donít be afraid

We wonít give up, our path is clear
We all join hands, walk to the promised land
We wonít give up, our path is clear
We all join hands, we walk together now
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Teach them wouah yeh
We wonít give up, say
I wonít give up on Love,
I will not give up on Love, say
We can, we can, we can all become Love Ö oh oh yeh

We wonít give up, our path is clear
Iím taking your hand, we walk together
I wonít give up, I believe in Love, yeh
Iím gonna stand up and be calm down

I believe in Love, 
Iím not afraid to tell you that
I argue with my life to love now
I am not afraid, Iím a Love Warrior
Iím a Love Warrior
Will you all join me and say now:

We wonít give up, our path is clear
Weíll walk together to the promised, to the promised Ö
Iím gonna walk in Love now
Iím gonna tell about it
Iím gonna shout about it
Iím gonna talk about ouh ah ah Ö

Music Ė main verses guitar riff 

    D		      D	        D		               D		   D	                  G