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Just Porn Mom Chords

Just Porn Mom

Ok, here's how I play the song - some lyrics included. Thanks to Garth Rice for finding 'em for me. It's a lot easier than it looks - just up and down the fret board for the most part. Stuff in brackets is me being lazy not wanting to write chords out again. Stuff in asterixes is spoken :)


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The chord are played as follows-

E: 799977 (In the chorus this is played open, so it's 001220)
B: 244422
C#: 466644
A: 556775


E            B           C#          A         E
Friday after dinner situation is the same over again,  
	B        C#         A   E       B       C#          A   
Mum she wants to watch the news but i just watch the film at 10 

E       B      C#  E 
so i get my way again,
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E                    B          C#             A            E
half way through the movie naked bodies gettin groovy on the screen,

               B              C#             A                     E
mum she changes channels turns away she cant believe what i've just seen,

A                   E   A            
embarrsed she starts to clean..... 

E       B    C#
its just porn mum

you're runnin' away

E               B           C#        A  
you wouldnt believe what the kids see today

         E    C#
its just porn mum

B               A
 and it wont go away

E            B            C#        A
wherever you turn you find porn everyday
its just......

VERSE 2:(Same chords as Verse 1)
Bilboards on the way to school use porn to make their shit look really cool,
Girls i see on mtv conceal the fact that bands all look like fools,

A                    E   A  
but their videos make me drool.....


VERSE 3(Same chords As Verse 1)