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Its Just Porn Mum Chords

Artist = Trucks
Song = It's Just Porn Mum

this is a wikid song!I hope this tab makes some kind of sense..

Intro and verse =  (i dont exactly know but use these chords and it will sound ok)
(E on 7th fret)

E, B, C#, A

do this a few times then at the end of the verse, before the chorus, do this:

A, A, E-(quick movement)-A

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Same as verse but with full chords, and do E like this --0--
(it sounds better)

Interlude bit and bit at the end=

C, D   (x2 for middle bit, x3 for the end)

End on E

Any problems email me:
or if anyone knows how to do the verse properly. This will do for the
moment though.