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Wasted Chords

in my eyes 
you will find yourself
          g            am
your soul is deep within me
am                    e                  g                     am
i hold the key toall the love around and it scares you so much oh

am              e
pick urself up off the dirt
g                  am
ur feelin so damn low
yeah come runnin to me
some thing you got to know

ur a user 
but you cant use me 
g                     am
always missin life it seems
am             e
relize your wasted
f                am
presious love for me

look at yourself, your shaking just like me
pull away. take some time to breath
take a step ahead, move fowards for a change
in too deep. giving me the blame
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am                 c     g           d-am
never thought about it. this is for real
am                c     g        am 
same things disappear. a different feel
am          e    g                   am
mr.know it all. chaged from good to bad 
am          e     g               am 
lies gettin tall. from happy to sad

am                   e
but then the darkness fades
g                    am
and its me in the light
am                  e
no opinions to swade
g             am
set your sight


f                am
presious love for me
wasted love on me
precious love on me!