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Wildthing Chords

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From: (Mr. Scott Hannon)

Wild Thing -The Troggs

chords used:
A = x02220 [1 finger]
D = xx0232 [2 fingers]
E = 022xxx [1 finger]
G = 3x000x [thumb]
[stop] = xxxxxx [mute the strings]

A         D      E     D
Wild Thing,            you make my

A         D      E     D
heart sing             you make my
[ Tab from: ]
A         D      E     D
everything...groovy    yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah

A         D      E
Wild Thing


G A G A   [stop]
           Wild Thing, I think I love you

G A G A   [stop]
           but I wanna know for sure

G A G A   [stop]
          come on over and do me 

G A G A   [stop]               DDDD
          Ooow, Wild Thing


The Jimi Hendrix Experience did a very nice version at the Monterey Pop
festival in summer can be seen in the movie, and shows up on
a few Hendrix albums...check it out. He seems to play it close to what I
have above...makes it easy to play behind your back, etc.

Scott Hannon, Fri Jan 15 1993 (