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Great Day To Be Alive Chords

      G        riff*           G          D              
I Got Rice cooking in the microwave got a three day beard I don't 
Em      C               G     D           Em         C   D      C       
plan to shave and its a goofy thing but I just gotta say hey Im doing 
G               G         riff*                 G    D
alright. Yeah I think Ill make me some homemade soup feelin pretty 
         Em        C         G       D         Em     C     D
good and thats the truth its neither drink nor drug induced no Im just 
C      G
doin alright

*Travis is playing a little riff, put you can substitute B and C
 but I wouldn't recommend it, this sounds like the cd,  

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D                         Em               Am         Em      
And Its a great day to be alive I know the suns still shinin when I 
C        D                D    D                Em          Am   
close my eyes theres some hard times in the neigborhood but why can't
      Em     C         D  G*
every day be just this good?    *Use Em when going to bridge 1

(FILL riff* D C )

(Verse 2)
Its been 15 years since I left home said good luck to every seed I'd 
sown, give it my best and then I left it alone ohhh I hope their doin
alright. Now I look in the mirror and what do I see?  A lone wolf there 
starin back at me, long in the tooth but harmless as can be, lord I 
guess hes doin alright


(Bridge 1)
Em            D                     C    G          Em      C    D
Sometimes its lonely, sometimes its only me and the shadows that fill
     Em                 D                  C      G            Am Em C D
this room, sometimes Im fallin desperately callin howlin at the moon
Ahhhwwoooooo!   Ahhhwooooooo!

(Bridge 2)
       G        riff*        G        D                        Em
Well I might go get me a new tatoo or take my old harley for a three
    C      G          D         Em      C
day cruise might even grow me a fu man chu, ohh Aww!

Chorus x2