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Yo Side Of The Bed Tab

			     Yo Side Of The Bed - Trey Songz
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FINALLY! A "Yo Side Of The Bed" tab! :D
For those of you who have been waiting, thank you for your patience.
NOTE: I am posting both 1/2step down AND Standard tuning tabs, just cause I'm suffering 
from insomnia lol.
So for those of you who don't want to tune your guitar down, you're in luck! You're welcome. :)

*This tab isn't 100% perfect, but it works and has the basics. Done by ear.
Use it as a guide and add your spin to it! :)
The chords pretty much repeat throughout the entire song, so I'm only tabbing the beginning.
I will post a tutorial video when I have time, if needed.
Feel free to message me through YouTube if you have any questions or comments! Enjoy!

P.S. This sounds best if you tune your guitar 1/2 step down like I noted.
Especially if you're using an acoustic guitar.

Tuning: 1/2 Step Down (D#G#C#F#A#D#)
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I know that seems short, but it's really all you need to play the song!
Just practice the chords, listen to the song and put it all together!
I hope this helps and allows you to cover the song now!

NOTE: You have to work extra hard on this one, making sure you mute certain notes or it 
will sound ugly, lol.


Well, there you have it! And like I said, about the muted notes. It's CRUCIAL that you 
obey them or it's not going to sound good at all lol.
This one is kinda like a makeshift tab. But I hope it helps. :)



| x   Mute note