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Treasure Chords

Written by:John Ellis
performed by:tree63

   Taken up out of the world
   Shaken up with just a word
   Turned around so suddenly
   I'm alive eternally
   Something invisible, has become beautiful
   I know I'm born again, laughing and stumble'in

     Ab(B)           Gb(A) Ab(B)        Gb(A)
     Draw me close to You, let me run to You
     Ab(B)            Gb(A)      Ab(B) Db(E) 
     Show me all Your kingdom come
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           Db(E)    Gb(A)             Db(E)
        My heart is where my treasure lies 
                  Gb(E)            Db(E)
        My great reward is in Your eyes
                  Gb(A)            Db(E)
        My every breath belongs to you
                     Gb(A)               Db(E)
        You are my treasure (yes You are)

   Take the world up out of me
   Put the fruit back on the tree
   I give every thing to be, What only You want me to be
   The treasure that You've become
   Is shining brighter than the sun
   Feels like I'm born again, Stumble'in   
                                   (Bridge) (chorus)