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SONG: Hint
BAND: treble charger
CD: NC17
TABBED BY: Melissa C.

To get the proper sound out of the guitar for the verses, put
emphasis on the first 3 strings when you strum. You can figure
the strumming patter by listening to the song first... and
while you play.


  A#/Bb  G#/Ab     G       F      A     F#       B
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verse 1
	A# / G  / F / G# (repeat)

"continue with the ceptic lies"
	A / G / F / G / A slide to B/ A slide to B

(note the slide is a quick one. 1 Beat on A .5 a beat on B before
back to A.)

Repeat Verse for the continuing part.

Interlud after 2nd "ways to let you know."

	A# / G# / F# (repeat this is played quickly, roughly twice.)


	A / G / B / A#

Verse 2 same as 1

end part that goes on and on same a chorus.

if you come accross any problems learning/playing or any corrections
it please feel free to e mail me