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Do The Gal-i-gator Chords

Travoltas is one of the best punkrock band in europe, and this is a poppy song
very fun and very easy. Play it in summer parties!

Intro: F# / C# / F# / B
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Have you heard about the new club in town
     B                  C#
It's called the Club Nouveau
There are boys and girls, they just get around
         B           C#
They're putting on a show
And there's no one there to stop them
From the things they wanna do
And they have a whole new dance out there
And you're gonna do it too

CHORUS (Like the intro)

The second verse and the second chorus are the same, after these a bridge and it goes
like this: E / F# (sha-na-na-na....sha-na-na-na...sha-na-na-na) for three times, then
the last time plays E / C#.
Then last chorus twice.

Let's dance!