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Mercy On The Working Man Chords

Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man
                                       Travis Tritt

A            D                 A
All around I hear the sound of money
                  E            A
But I ain't got a nickel to my name
                 D              A
And everywhere I look I see temptation
                    E                   A
She stands on every corner and calls my name

Now won't you tell me if you can
Cause life's so hard to understand
Why's the rich man busy dancin'
While the poor man pays the band
           D               A
Oh they're billing me, for killing me
E                              A
Lord have mercy on the workin' man
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A               D              A
Uncle Sam's got his hand in my pockets
                          E               A
And he helps himself each time he needs a dime
                 D               A
Them politicians treat me like a mushroom
                            E              A
Cause they feed me bull and keep me in the blind

(Repeat CHORUS)

Instrumental  A - D - A
A             D               A
Hey St. Peter look down for a minute
                    E            A
And see this little man about to drown
                       D                 A
There's quicksand all around and man I'm in it
                  E                    A
Please help me up Lord cause I'm goin' down

(Repeat CHORUS x2)