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Foolish Pride Chords

 intro  e  d  e  d 
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e                            a               e
she stayed up all night and cried into her pillow
           a                                Bsus4  b
and fought off the urge to just break down and call
     e                  a                    e
last night to find the fault seemed so darn easy
         a                                Bsus4
but now who's to blame dont matter much at all
    c#m                 a      b          e
she thinks if she calls him it just shows weakness
       a                  b           c#m
so the hurt goes on in every tear she's cried
             a                          e       a
aint it  sad to see a good love fall to peices 
       e                  b              e
chalk another hard break up to foolish pride
              e          a            e
turn out the light the compititions over
        a                   f#m7         Bsus4 
the stubborn souls are the losers here tonight
        e               a          e                  a
and while the bridges burn another hard hard lessons learned
   f#m7                       b
as in the ashes passion slowly dies
 a                 b                e
this romance goes down to foolish pride
    tag  f#m7                    b
        chalk anopther heart break up to foolish pride

the second verse uses the same chords but i cant remamber the words!!