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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 10:55:33 -0500
Subject: CRD: "On the other hand" by Randy Travis
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Here is how I play "On the other hand".
This song has been sung by Keith Whitley and 
most recently by Randy Travis.
(I do not particularly like the chord format below but
the last .crd file I e-mailed did not retain the
original format and I apologize.) 

[D]On one hand I count the reasons I could [G]stay with you

[D]And hold you close to me, all night [A]long.

[D]So many lover's games I could [G]play with you
and on that[E]hand I see no reason why it's[A] wrong


But on the [G]other hand, There's a golden [D]band

[A]To remind of someone who would not [D]understand

[G]On one hand I could stay and be your [D]loving man

[A]But the reason I must go is on the [D]other hand

[D]In your arms I feel the passion, I [G]thought had died

[D]When I looked into your eyes   I[A] found myself

[D]When I first kissed your lips I [G]felt so alive
I've got[E] to hand it to you girl,  you're[A] something else

Repeat Chorus